AS220 Black Box

AS220 Black Box

Performing Arts Center - Theater


 (401) 831-9327

 95 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903

95 Empire is a theatre and live arts program of AS220 comprised of the Empire Black Box, two multipurpose spaces, and a dance studio. It’s a performance space and a learning place. 95 Empire supports artists of all levels, providing a forum and home for work in theatre, dance, film, literary arts, sound-art and forms that stretch genre conventions. We are committed to creativity, accessibility and affordability; we strive to create incomparable experiences for our audiences as well as unique approaches to arts education that extend and deepen the theatre’s programming.

In addition to events presented through our four primary series: Screens, Sounds, Live and Residence, 95 Empire offers a wide range of workshops, classes, talk-backs and artist-talks that are aimed at developing skills, creating awareness and fostering creative critical discourse around and through the subject of performance.

Location Info

AS220 Black Box

95 Empire Street

Providence, RI 02903