Olneyville Library

Olneyville Library


Website: http://www.provcomlib.org


 1 Olneyville Square , Providence, RI 02909

Provdeicen Community Library provides free, accessible library services to improve and enrich the lives of the people of Providence. Our community libraries serve as vibrant hubs within the neighborhoods of Providence, providing programs and services that respond to the needs of the community.

We carry out our mission by

  • providing a safe physical space where people of all ages can enjoy acquiring, assimilating and sharing information and knowledge to enrich their own lives and that of the community;
  • making available, free of charge, a wide variety of books and other materials from PCL’s own collections and, through inter-library loans, from any library collections in the State, for patrons of all ages to borrow for their enjoyment, education and personal and professional development;
  • serving as an out of school time learning center for children, offering after-school programs, homework assistance, and early childhood story-times;
  • assisting people in reaching their personal literacy goals and enhancing life skills in order to fulfill their responsibilities as parents, citizens and workers;
  • providing access to computers and Internet services and resources to enable them to obtain and utilize information from the digital world.
Location Info

Olneyville Library

1 Olneyville Square

Providence, RI 02909