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 42 Rice Street, Providence, RI 02907

Providence has a growing population of small design firms and solopreneurs. Most of these individuals and groups are looking to be a part of growing the economy and community in Rhode Island while getting involved with other professionals through collaborative projects. Although there are many available spaces located around the city, a majority of these locations lack vibrancy and community. We have built ANCHOR to be an inspirational, energetic place to connect with others and work on extraordinary projects. Our space is designed for companies and individuals who want to get to work in a place for focus and execution of ideas but also a location where people and groups can get inspired, share ideas and work together if they are feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, or worn out.

ANCHOR is a place where you can conceive of ideas, prototype them and have the resources and connections on hand to bring a product to market and see a concept through to reality. On site, we have the Ecolect Materials Library with physical samples on hand of ecologically minded materials. We also have Keeseh Studio which is a community wood shop that offers time on fabrication equipment, including a CNC machine. Having these facilities on site allows Graphic Designers to making signage, or design and fabricate trade show booth for example. Industrial Designers might make models, construct furniture, or prototype a design idea by utilizing the shop. Architects and Interior Architects can make scale models mock ups using these local facilities.

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42 Rice Street

Providence, RI 02907