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Having been born and raised in Rhode Island, I truly enjoy living and painting in New England. Whether it’s the coast of Maine, cottages in some seaside town or the Providence skyline, I attempt to situate you, the viewer in these places that I paint. Not so much the exact location, but the memory of such a place. Timeless and universal, bright days, electric nights, or the gray of an overcast day, my intention is to give you the opportunity to respond to the painting as you remember such a place. Our lives’ journeys are all unique. I feel that your uniqueness will allow you to respond to my paintings in a totally individual way. My goal is not to paint the prettiest pictures or the most exact paintings. My goal is to paint the most honest paintings that I can, and allow you, the viewer, to be part of the soul of the work.

I have lived in New England all but three months of my 55 years. Those three months brought me to the West coast to live for a while. I am married for 24 years to Tina, my fiercest encourager and critic. We have 2 children and together have owned a restaurant and catering business for 25 years. Believe it or not, this has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my painting career.

With a degree in Painting and extended studies in Architectural design, I have been blessed with a supportive family and talented mentors. I now teach painting to many different audiences, including the painting classes at the Providence Art Club. I teach workshops, jury art exhibits and have been a celebrity "Art Guide" during Gallery Night in Providence.

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Anthony Tomaselli Gallery

140 Spring Street

Newport, RI 02840