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 717 Wesminster Street, Providence, RI 02903

Ada Is . . . an ink on paper place. I’d like to say it’s the ink on paper place but false modesty prevents me. I have no beef with squid or indigo or whatever it is that pigments are made from these days & I certainly harbor no ill will toward the forests, especially the dark forbidden forests, where giant pines speak in stage whispers & the arms of old oaks are always eager to embrace the weary or wayward traveler.

Reading a book or a magazine or a mini-comic backlit against some sort of screen or scrim is all right, I guess, but Ada Books imagines that a book is better when it’s splayed open on your lap, pinned flat against a table top, tented over your face, even just leaning on a shelf shining its spine at you.

If it sounds like I’m merely waxing romantic over a waning technology, then by Gutenberg, I am getting through to you! Now, pull your easy chair closer to the hearth, put some brandy in a glass, light a fire (don’t forget the kindling) & get comfortable with some old-fangled, lo-fidelity, battery-free bliss. Be it literary fiction, poetry, art, film, theater, philosophy, politics, history, biography, criticism, comics, chap books or zines, it can be had at Ada Books.

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Ada Books

717 Wesminster Street

Providence, RI 02903