The Arctic Playhouse

The Arctic Playhouse



 (401) 573-5443

 The Artic Playhouse, 117 Washington Street, West Warwick, RI 02893

The Arctic Playhouse began with Daydream Theatre back in 2002 in the bottom of a small chapel in Providence. There Director and writer Lenny Schwartz was able to bring theatre to R.I. with his originals scripts using local actors, with the help of Jim Belanger’ then Lloyd Felix they were able to produce quality fun plays and only for $10.00 a ticket. With their success and hopes and dreams they packed up and moved to Arctic in West Warwick R.I. now joined by David Vieira. Arctic was the opportunity that they were all looking for, once known for their many Theatres back in the early 1900’s people would travel from all around New England to visit and be entertained. The Arctic Playhouse wanted to be a part bringing back live entertainment and Theatre to downtown West Warwick and Arctic so the Playhouse was born in January 2015 .

Our goal is to give back to the community, give local artist a place they can work their craft while keeping ticket prices at a price where everyone can enjoy a night out and say hi to their neighbor. Along the way we strive to remember to have fun, enjoy the journey and create memories for a lifetime.